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God made a good and a wonderful world. The intricacies of the natural world stun and amaze us. But, ironically, this same world is full of so-called 'natural disasters' — such as earthquakes, floods, droughts and famine. More than that, there are wars, murders, and a host of other things which spoil the world in which we live: hatred, jealousy, covetousness, adultery, greed...

God's rule book is summarized in what we know as 
"The Ten Commandments".
3  These rules are designed to help us keep on track with God and run our lives smoothly — not unlike the way in which a train is designed to run on a carefully designed track. It is a terrible tragedy when we as human beings  go 'off the rails' and disobey God.

Not everyone describes the human condition quite so bluntly. But they may say: "God, I'll have you involved in my life, but not as King and Lord. You can come in on my rules and my terms — but not on yours". Yet this amounts to the same thing as outright disobedience.

The Bible calls it sin:  It is 'overstepping the mark'4 and it is 'falling short of the perfect standards He expects'.5

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3. These may be found in Exodus 20 and repeated in Deuteronomy 5 of the Bible
4. This is the literal meaning of the word 'transgression', see Psalm 51:1-3
5. This is what the word 'sin' means, see Romans 3:20-23

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