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This is JUST the Beginning

A new beginningThe road to eternal life is a journey which begins when you realize that you have got it wrong, said 'no' to God, and lost your spiritual sense of direction. Sin has put you under His condemnation. You must say to God: "You are right"! I want you to be in the driving seat of my life and take me along the road that leads to life everlasting. Once this has happened you'll begin to experience a taste of heaven now on earth.17

A Prayer of Commitment

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you that you came to earth to show what heaven is like and offer the way back to God.
Thank you for stepping in for me and paying the penalty for my sin on the cross.
I realize that I am guilty of going my own way and deserve to be judged by God.
I realize that I need to turn around to follow God's way.
Please forgive me for living life without you in the driver's seat.
Come in as my Lord and my Savior.
Take control of my life and give me salvation and everlasting life.

Eternal Life

Reading these pages may be the last stage in responding to the claims of Jesus Christ over your life. If this is the case: GREAT!  
Tell us about it!

However it is also possible that you are at the early stages of your investigation into Christianity. If this is the case, you will find it helpful to request  further information, or move to the next stage by reading the Bible for yourself and talking to others who have a living Christian faith.

You will face Jesus Christ as judge in the future, so decisions you make about him now have eternal consequences and need to be made wisely.  Eternal Life is at stake!

It is our hope that you will find Jesus Christ before it is too late!

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17. See 1 Timothy 6:17-19

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