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Jesus is the way back!

Jesus said:

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.8

This was a provocative and clear claim to divinity. He claimed that he knows fully what God is like; that he fully reveals the character and plans of God and that he provides the only way to get to God. How does this work out?

Amazing things happened when Jesus came to earth:

Jesus showed us what human beings would be like if they had not disobeyed God.

Jesus was a real human being who ate, drank, washed, slept, partied and worked.

Jesus never did, thought or said anything wrong.9

Jesus stood in the place where sinful human beings deserve to be. He took the bullet for you and me. He went to the chair. He hung there on the cross for you and me.  

At the cross, Jesus made an exchange — my wrong doing for his right standing before God.10

Jesus rose from death for he had no personal sin to hold Him in the grave.11

Jesus will stand by you on the day of judgment in the future and plead your case before the Father — if you put your trust in him now.


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8. See John 14:6, compare what is said about Jesus in John 1:1-18. The words translated 'I am' echo the Old Testament holy name for God "Yahweh".
9. See Hebrews 4:15
10. See 2 Corinthians 5:21
11. See Acts 2:23-24

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