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Do YOU Want Eternal Life?

Think it throughDo you long to be able to enjoy the world which God has given you? This is what he wants and intends. Do you want to be sure that when you die you will LIVE forever? You can! Actually it is remarkably simple and a life changing experience. As he hung on a cross next to Jesus, a thief realized that Jesus didn't deserve to be there. He asked Jesus to remember him when they passed from death into the presence of God the Father. In response Jesus promised: Today you will be with me in paradise.12

If it wasn't too late for that man, nearly at the end of a thoroughly bad life, then it surely isn't too late for you.

Some things you need to acknowledge:

I've got it wrong!

Most us go through life as if we have lost our spiritual sense of direction. In a strange town it is easy to lose our sense of direction. Though we may be convinced that we are on the right road we cannot find our destination. We may get a map out to find the correct way, but we often need to ask someone for directions and follow their instructions, even if that seems quite against the grain.

Becoming a Christian is a bit like that.

God has given us a road map — the Bible.

Getting 'on track'The Bible is important because it gives us accurate information about who He is. Most of all it tells us about His Son Jesus Christ. You must open His road map, seek the right guidance, and get 'on track'.

God has given us other Christians to help us find the way.

Very few people begin the Christian faith by picking up God's road map and getting their sense of spiritual direction straight. Most people need a guide and a helper. Find a Bible Believing Church. They can help you.

Turn around and go in the right direction.

This is the root meaning of the word 'repentance'.13 It starts with a change in our thinking: 'I'm lost', 'I need to read the map', 'I need to ask for direction'. But it results in turning your life around and going the right way. If you say 'yes' to Jesus Christ he doesn't just want you to turn around, he wants to get in the driving seat! To be quite sure that you start on the road to eternal life, you need to trust him as Savior and accept him as the Lord of your life. This will mean new priorities for you:

He wants to be Lord over your Time... so that you can spend time
 with Him and with other Christians;

He wants to be Lord over your Talents... so that the gifts he has given
 you will be put to good use.

He wants to be Lord over your Relationships... so that you can live according to His rule book and tell people about the new direction in which you are now traveling.16

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16. Some people find it hard to know where to start reading the Bible. Why not begin with the Gospel of John first, then maybe a letter such as Paul's to the Ephesians' Church. (Book of Ephesians)

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